Founded in 2009, a tiny group of determined and dedicated Silicon Valley women engineers with 10-15 years in the field, decided to meet monthly to share technical knowledge, network and advance in their careers.

Slowly, over several years, the group grew to an impressive 400+ women engineers and CodeChix became a 501(c)3 non-profit in 2012. 

Since the first meeting, in May 2009, CodeChix has led the way, quietly, to address the dropout rate of senior women engineers and technologists in the industry. 



Our Mission

CodeChix is dedicated to addressing the retention rate of women engineers and technologists in the industry through Education, Advocacy and Mentorship.  We aim to increase the number of women technologists in senior roles on the technical and product ladders in industry.

β€œIt was inspiring to be among such a large group of talented engineers with a wealth of experience that I could learn from.”
— Bridget McErlean, Software Engineer, Bitnami

What We've Achieved


DevPulseCon grew over 100% between 2016-2018 and we are poised for significant growth in the next 2 years.

We are in need of funding to collate and present our substantial data so that we can share our results with you. We would love to have your support.